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Archival services

Our services fully cover all the work processes related to document storing from document filing (delivery) to deletion, which can be used in part or in full according to the clients’ demand. DocuDepo is an intelligent archive to rent.

Transportation of documents

We receive documents according to transfer note (by box or sheet number) and docket number. In the course of delivery our colleagues perform an itemized checking to see whether all the boxes seen on the docket have been received and their contents agree with the data in the docket. A transfer note includes the following: time of tradition, place of tradition, participants of tradition, subject of tradition, exact quantity of the delivered documents (piece; box; linear meter) and the docket of the transferred documents. We assume responsibility for the searching and existing of documents according to the condition of receiving them. Our transporting of documents to our archive is performed in roofed trucks with loaders’ assistance.

Document sorting

DocuDepo provides qualified workforce which can perform professional document sorting and arrangement in boxes. In the course of sorting documents, our colleagues make detailed lists of the contents of each box (docket number/recording), which are made available to our clients in printed excel format and on discs. The docket number/recording normally contains the following: box number, barcode number, organizational unit, functions, subject of a document, date of origin, time of storing, time of shredding, note. Etiquette for the individual pieces is created on the basis of the data given above, which makes access easier. This database gives the basis of future retrieval.

Storage hiring

Before hiring of storage, documents are warehoused at our facility in Pomáz, in the course of which the arranged boxes are placed on the shelf system. This process is well documented, due to which the storing coordinates (row/unit/shelf) of each box is displayed in the docket/record.

Storing and data service

The systematic storage of documents at our facility is provided in compliance with the regulations of fire, property and data security. We provide data service in physical (distributing the box or dossier) or electronic (fax, email, FTP line) form for our clients as demanded. Besides, we also provide archival record on WEB for a special demand. In the course of data service we adapt to our clients demands in a flexible way and undertake the delivery of documents within 2 hours.


We scrap the documents to be deleted and/or not to be archived annually or we scrap them in case of an ad hoc commission according to the current regulations. We create a scrapping record of the scrapped documents, which we check in cooperation with the members of the scrapping committee and in case of documents with the competence of the Public Record Office we have an expert of the competent archive to insert a clause.


We provide the deletion of the scrapped documents according to strict regulations and observing the regulations for data protection, privacy and environmental protection. The scrapped documents are deleted with a closed technology using comminution or burning under appropriate circumstances and strict rules of procedure by our colleagues or our partners. In each case we prepare a deletion record about the work process. If demanded, the process can be viewed by our partners either personally or on a video record. 

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