A problem for you?
A creative innovation for us!

Expert activity

Our professional activity is based on the experiences acquired through several decades of document management and the processing as well as storing of more than 10.000 linear meters of documents. It is a problem for you but a creative innovation for us. We offer an intelligent solution for the storage and management of your documents.

Process screening

We assess and screen the document management and storing practices of our clients by paying a special attention to the regulatory and safeguarding applications as well as to the unique and special solutions resulting from our clients’ activities.

Feasibility study

Within the frame of a feasibility study, we propose the optimization and modernization of document storing, on a client’s facility or providing storage facility to rent, and related services by observing the regulations and customer demands. We analyze the practice and costs of document management, the pace of searching for documents, which includes elements of safeguarding.

Rules of document management and preparing an archival plan

These are arranged according to the legislative orders and a client’s individual as well as customized demands. In the life of a company the practice of document management and the storage, shredding as well as deletion of documents create a complex system which requires expertise. We ensure the reliable operation of a structured, reproducible, and cost-effective system and the fast accessibility of documents as well as data and storage security by establishing rules. Besides, we fix the time of storing and shredding of documents and the time of the archival transfer.

Setting up an archive

On the basis of a client’s activity, demand or conditions it may be reasonable to set up an archive at the client’s facility. In this case we provide a detailed outline of a customized, cost-effective solution and propose an optimal utilization of the storing system, storing capacity and shelves. We take part in setting up an appropriate atmosphere and infrastructure for the long term preservation of documents.

Independent technical advice

We offer a solution for a part or the whole document management process and screening as it is demanded. All of this cover not only back office work and support but we also help our clients by providing dispatched experts to optimize archival and document management processes and to make decisions.  


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