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Bravogroup Rendszerház Ltd., a member of Bravogroup Holding, is one of the largest “office technology” companies in Hungary, which has more than twenty years experience in the document management market. Its main scopes of activities are the sale of document management, office technology, visual technology, and telecommunication devices as well as the corresponding services. Document management has a distinguished role in the life of the company as Bravogroup is present throughout the entire lifespan of a document, from its birth to its death, representing itself in the following fields: devices creating documents (printers, multifunctional equipment, etc.), document management software, scanners, physical document management, storage hiring and electronic document management, digitalization.
Bravogroup continuously extends its scopes of activities in order to be able to provide wider range of services for its Clients.



The company philosophy of Bravogroup:

  • Profile diversification
  • Independent evaluation of each business
  • Continuous growth both within the companies and by starting new activities
  • We endeavor to be the first in any field, either by market position or partnership

Bravogroup’s company philosophy:

  • full analysis of our clients’ needs
  • working out complex solutions, which are unique, customized to a particular company and completely conform to the user’s needs and technical as well as economic structure


Group of companies:


The EPOS office technological optimization system is prepared to manage the clients’ whole document management processes. We make a survey of the physical arrangement and technical condition of the current devices. Furthermore, we investigate the document management processes and perform optimization operations, which include the merge of the under burdened devices, the replacement of overburdened devices, the integration of private use devices into computer network, the functional integration of the reduction of manufacturing platform number through realizing a unified technological platform. The solution provided by the system was developed in 2003; this covers the establishment of contact between a client and the service provider, the development of an office technological pool, a common strategy throughout the operation time which consists of tactical elements performed according to a plan.


Printerhouse provides a high quality service for its partners and an end-product which can be a business card, a billboard, a flyer, a catalogue or manual, from 1 to 100.000 copies using digital or offset technology or mixing both. We choose the printing technology appropriate for the task according to the type, range, and the client’s demands of the document produced.


DocuScan is at its clients’ disposal in the field of electronic document archiving. Its digitizing plant is located in Pomáz, where scanning capacity reaches 2.5 million pages. Both the growth of scanning capacity and the market demanded that DocuScan extend its circle of services with its own developed target software.


DocuDepo offers the most customized solutions through its archival and document management solutions. Due to all these, our partner’s processes become faster and more efficient while their expenses decrease and their operations become safer with less risk.


Visual Solution offers the most modern visual technological solutions for its clients, who can find everything in our product list from the most modern conference room solutions to the most up-to-date visual marketing devices that support programs.


Telekom is available for its clients through a full range of services on the telecommunication market from counseling through the sales and implementation to the operation and servicing. Since in the centre of its activity there is always the client, Telekom constantly endeavors to offer useful and easy-to-use solutions in each case.


Sincord has 16 years experience in arranging the most appropriate office environment for you. As an exclusive distributor of 28 prestigious manufacturers Sincord helps you make your decision by a broad and extensive overview of the market. We represent companies which have vertical demands, thus we are able to furnish every office uniformly from leaders to employees’ office rooms.


SAVEsco Energy Management Counseling and Servicing Ltd. aims to decrease the expenses in relation to various energy sources burdening businesses. The result of our cooperation is an increased efficiency and reduced expense, which is the value of our activity that contributes to retaining and increasing our partners’ income generating ability.  

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